The Fastest Way To Become an Off-Market Property Buying Pro, Guaranteed

Are you getting constant objections that you don't know how to handle?

Do you get pushback on the prices you offer?

Do you feel like you should be closing more deals than you are?

In this 6 part course you'll learn how to close more properties than ever and finally achieve financial freedom.

Made for real estate investors by a real estate investor

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Are You Tired Of Inconsistent Paydays? 


There are so many options...choosing your coach and sales process is key to your success as a real estate investor. 

Sales will be the reason you either stay in your paycheck to paycheck job, or achieve the financial free you have always dreamed of.

I want to help you get there.  I've closed millions of dollars in sales, and I apply all of that knowledge and experience into a comprehensive sales system to transform your business.

I've packaged up the exact methods that I use on every appointment, and with these tactics I'm able to close a contract on more than double the industry average. 

This is a 6 lesson video course where I take you step by step through the exact sales process, strategies, and tactics I use every day so that you can become a sales pro and close 2-5x more deals.

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Easy To Follow

Broken down into 6 separate sections, this course is easy to follow as one topic builds on the previous.

Quick To Apply

You will learn how to apply these strategies and tactics to make an immediate impact in your business TODAY.

Always Here 

One you buy, you have lifetime access. So after you learn you can still use it to brush-up on your sales skills, or train new team members. 

The Sales Magician Course Outline

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"Sales cures all"

-Mark Cuban

There are tons of sales theories out there...

But none that I've ever found to produce results like this. 

Tested on thousands of homeowners, this system has been customized to make your sales process easier, to save you time, and to get you bigger and better deals

If you want to earn big paydays then you can't just wing it. 

You will not rise to the occasion. You will rise to your highest level of preparation. 

Don't show up unprepared. Let this course make you the sales pro you know you can be.

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REI Sales Magician Course


Here's What You Get Included In This Course...

A comprehensive course built just for you, the off-market property buyer

My complete REI Sales Magician course (7+ hours)

REI Sales Magician Scripts

-Cold calling script

-Lead qualifying script

-Closing call script

Printable Checklists and Guides 

Recordings of My Team Trainings 

Actual Seller Calls Done By Dan Brault (so you can hear it in action) 


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"These calls are 🔥🔥.  So helpful to see you using the tools in action"

-Bisi N.


"The course is game changing!  Complete 360 from how I was approaching sales.  You broke everything down and it was easy to grasp the concept that way.  I really like that we have lifetime access to the course so we can go over it as many times as we need."

-Nick W.

"Solid fu**ing gold!"

-Chris T.