Perfect Wholesaling Scripts

Have you ever gotten on the phone with a homeowner and had no idea what to say?

Are you frustrated with low sales?

Do you wish someone would just tell you exactly what to say and how to say it?


Worry no more! After speaking with thousands of homeowners I've created the highest converting scripts in the industry. 

The fastest way to improve your sales GUARANTEED!

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I've been there...

Stumbling my way through conversations with sellers.

Not having a clear process.

Not sure how to close them, when I should close them, or if I'm just wasting my time entirely.

Frustrated with low sales.

Once I got the proper scripts I was able to:

                           ✔ Spend less time talking with tire-kickers

                           ✔ Get more appointments with serious homeowners

                           ✔ Sign more deals and make more money

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Sales is a very complex process.

The market is constantly changing.

New techniques come around.

New challenges confront us.

The possible scenarios you can run into are endless.

You need a reliable process to follow when speaking with homeowners. 

These are the scripts we use every day in our 7-figure wholesaling business. 

Don't wing it...follow a proven model.

All you have to do to get started is click the button below and plug these scripts into your daily routine and start:

✔ Avoiding time wasters

✔ Feeling confident during your sales calls

✔ Getting more contracts at bigger discounts

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What you're gonna get...

Cold Calling Script

✔ The exact script we use to minimise resistance and maximise conversions when making cold calls

✔ Simplifies the process to make cold calling easier and less stressful

✔ Use this for easy handoffs to your acquisitions team

Acquisitions Script

✔ This is gold! Here you will get the exact step-by-step guide I use every day on what to say once you meet the seller at their front door. Learn how to get the seller to close themselves and get bigger discounts

✔ This script can be used on the phone or in person

✔ I have used this script to successfully double the closing rate compared to the industry average

Leads Manager Script 

✔ The process and script our leads managers follow to quickly weed out those who don't qualify and masterfully advance those who do

✔ Use this to only spend time talking with those who are really worth your time

✔ Set the stage for a smooth transaction

Perfect Sales Scripts

  • Cold Calling Script
  • Acquisitions Script
  • Leads Manager Script
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