About Dan Brault

Growing up in Upstate New York, Dan began his real estate career in 2015 while working full-time in medical device sales.  While working full time, Dan started acquiring some rental properties and flipping houses outside of his 40 hours a week full time job.

Everything was going great until 2018-2019 which is when Dan had a massive wake up call.  After a failed business, & a flip that left him $350,000 in debt and on the brink of bankruptcy, Dan knew he had to do something new, so he took the sales knowledge he had acquired and decided to focus 100% on wholesaling, and to work better every day. 

Dan hired a coach & worked his butt off everyday.  Within his first 6 months, he had generated over $500,000 in wholesale fee.  Since then Dan has generated over $1,000,000 in wholesale fees.

Dan massively changed his life from a failure on the brink of bankruptcy to a man on a mission to impact the lives of a billion people.  Dans passion is now to help people avoid the mistakes he made, and help create massive change in other peoples lives.