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3. Gain Financial Freedom

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Sick of Not Knowing Your Next Move? 

You're stuck in analysis mode...

You don't want to make a mistake...

You watch video after video...

Listen to podcasts every day...

But you're no closer to running a successful wholesaling business than before 

Get the step-by-step guide to create the wholesaling business you've been dreaming of


We've put together a program that will:

Answer all of your questions
Give you the resources to get started and scale
Make sure you create a business you love


Deep Dive

We don't cut any corners. You get EVERYTHING you need to get your wholesaling business started.

Access Forever

Once you buy, you'll have access forever. And get updates on the newest strategies and tactics.

Every Resource

Get access to every script, contract and checklist you'll ever need. We make it easy.

Wholesaling Coach-in-a-box Outline

Topics You'll Learn

Structuring Your Business & Setting Goals

Choosing The Best Marketing Channel For You

Qualifying Leads & Setting Appointments

Dominating Your Seller Appointments

Running Comps (What's the property worth?)

Building Your Buyers List

Dispositions Process

Building Systems To Automate Your Business

Data Systems

Hiring and Training in Your Business

Price Negotiations

The Scripts

Cold Calling

Leads Manager

Acquisitions Agent

Bonus Material

Business start-up guides

Job Descriptions

Process maps for each area of the business

The tools we use

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"Success leaves clues"

-Tony Robbins

These methods have been tested on thousands of homeowners

You get the roadmap to wholesaling success

No more guessing

No more waiting

Now is the time to get started

If you want to gain financial freedom then you need a proven plan

This is your plan

the exact steps to take
in-depth on the "how" to do it
Everything you need is right here
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"thank you all of this has been amazing...your system really takes a lot of the anxiety out of the picture! "

-Drey B.

 "Whether you're a seasoned investor or a newbie like me, this is like hitting the fast forward button in your business."

-Tom F.

"Without Dan's help I would have had no idea where to even start to get started wholesaling. His attitude is very influential, making me want to take massive action."

-Joel L.

"This has been a wealth of knowledge...From my approach to how I market to my actual conversations with potential sellers, this program has helped me refine my business and given me the ability to create a scalable model."

-Paris S.

"Dan's course has helped me tremendously in growing my wholesale business...through the course I expedited my learning, supercharged my confidence and hired a virtual assistant less than three months after starting. If you are ready to take action based on the practical tips of someone crushing it in this industry and start or grow your wholesaling business, then this is for you."

-Aaron L.